Final Fantasy VII: Dirge of Cerberus - News
· Square Enix Pre-E3 Event Features New Games, New Details 05.08.2006  
· Dengeki Dishes Dirge of Cerberus Dirt 11.25.2005  
· Dirge of Cerberus to Ship With Final Fantasy VII Tech Demo 11.18.2005  
· Kitase, Nomura Talk Compilation of Final Fantasy VII 11.12.2005  
· Limit Breaks, New Characters, Pop Star, Confirmed in Dirge of Cerberus 11.07.2005  
·Kitase Discusses Compilation of Final Fantasy VII 09.01.2005  
· Dirge is Sung, Characters, Multiplayer Unveiled 07.27.2005  
·Square Enix Opens a Dirge of a Site 06.05.2005  
·Dirge of Cerberus Genre Clarified 05.13.2005  
·Tetsuya Nomura Discusses Kingdom Hearts II, Compilation of Final Fantasy VII 05.07.2005  
·Square Enix Lifts E3 Curtain, People Say, "Ooo" 04.25.2005  
· Square Enix Sites, Cubed 04.05.2005  
· Details Arise From Tetsuya Nomura Interview 12.01.2004  
· Square Enix At TGS 09.25.2004  
· Dirge of Cerberus Becomes Square Enix's Next Fantasy 09.15.2004  
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