Etrian Odyssey V  
Etrian Odyssey V

The fifth mainline title in the Etrian Odyssey series.

· Nintendo 3DS

· Atlus

Atlus Japan
Atlus us
Deep Silver Europe

  Release Date  
08.04.2016 Japan
10.17.2017 us
10.17.2017 Europe
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·Etrian Odyssey V Ventures onto 3DS 10.18.2017  
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·The Herbalist Joins Etrian Odyssey V 05.09.2016  
·The Herbalist Joins Etrian Odyssey V 05.09.2016  
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·Etrian Odyssey V Details Various Skill Types 04.22.2016  
·Atlus Unveils New Etrian Odyssey V Media 03.24.2016  
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·Atlus Announces Two New Etrian Odyssey Titles 11.24.2014  

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