Chrono Cross Element Guide

How to use this Chart:

Name: element's name
LV: element's base level
+/-: allocation range of the element
Description: description of the element
Type: magic category the element belongs to
Range: who the element affects
$: cost of the element (T-element must be trapped, E-element is attained by defeating an enemy)
Location: where the element can be found or purchased (A-Arni, T-Termina, Gh-Guldove Home, Ga-Guldove Another, Mh-Marbule Home, Ma-Marbule Another), or the enemy which must be defeated/trapped
*Note that these are just examples: some elements can be found in multiple or many locations*
Notes: other details (C-Consumable, I-May only be used by a character of the same innate)


Black Elements
Energy of the Dark. Opposite of White.
Name Lv +/- Description Type Range $ Location Notes
GravityBlow 1 7 Blow away foe with pure gravity Attack One Foe 60 Ga  
HellSoul 2 0 Attempts to remove soul from foe's body Attack One Foe 100 Ga  
Gravitonne 3 5 Crushes foes with supergravity field Attack All Foes 120 Ga  
HellBound 4 0 Sends enemy on a trip to Hell Attack One Foe 300 Ga  
FreeFall 5 3 Drops foe from sky at supersonic speed Attack One Foe - Dead Sea(H)  
Revenge 5 3 Shifts your status effects onto enemy Attack One Foe 600 Gh I
BlackHole 6 2 Sucks everything into a black hole Attack All Foes E Gravitor I
MotherShip 7 2 Contacts a spaceship to blast foes Summon All Foes T Shadow Cats I
GrimReaper 8 0 Summons Death to destroy foes Summon All Foes E Black Dragon I
BlackOut 2 0 Removes Black status effects Healing One Ally 15 T C
Nostrum 6 0 Restores 200 HP Healing One Ally 60 T, Gh C
TurnBlack 1 7 Turn foe's attribute or ally's attack attribute to Black Support One Foe/Ally 75 Ma  
AntiWhite 3 5 Seals White Elements Support One Foe - Fort Dragonia(H) I
Genius 4 4 Increases magical power Support One Ally 430 Gh, Ma  
Imbecile 4 4 Decreases magical power Support One Foe 430 Gh, Ma  
SealAll 6 2 Stops everyone's Elements Support Everyone 2880 Gh I
Diminish 6 2 Halves Element damage Support Everyone 1670 Gh, Mh  
FreeFall 5 0 Set Trap to catch FreeFall Element Trap All Foes 300 Mh C
BlackHole 6 0 Set Trap to catch BlackHole Element Trap All Foes 400 Mh C
MotherShip 7 0 Set Trap to catch MotherShip Summon Trap All Foes 500 Mh C

by Matthew Wanlin

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