Record of Agarest War Zero  
Record of Agarest War Zero

A prequel to Agarest Senki. This game features a Soul Breeding system similar to the first game.

· PS3
· Xbox 360
· PC
· Android

· Compile Heart

Idea Factory Japan
Aksys Games (360/PS3) us
Ghostlight (PC) us
HyperDevBox Japan (Android) us
Ghostlight (PS3/PC) europe
HyperDevBox Japan (Android) europe

  Release Date  
06.25.2009 Japan
06.14.2011 (360/PS3) us
04.17.2014 (PC) us
10.19.2014 (Android) us
08.26.2011 (PS3) europe
04.17.2014 (PC) europe
10.19.2014 (Android) europe
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