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Record of Agarest War Zero DLC Recently Released


Record of Agarest War Zero

Downloadable content was recently made available for Record of Agarest War Zero on the North American PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 for the week of June 21. Some are free while others have to be paid for. The DLC packs are as follows:

Status Boost Pack 2 - Contains 2 STR Up+, 2 VIT Up+, 2 AGI Up+, 2 INT Up+, 2 LUK Up+ and Max. HP Up+.

Legendary Goods Pack - Contains 2 Divine Branches, 2 Unicorn Horns, 2 Moon Fragments, 2 Magic Crystal Chips, 1 Seed of Happiness, and 1 Bracelet of Feicui.

Dream Oracle Pack - Contains 2 Damascus, 2 Meteoric Irons, 2 Generation Crystals, 2 Lapis Noster, 1 Shiny Fang, and 1 Whispered Dream.

Rear Echelon Pack 1 - Contains a Railgun, a Divine Guard, a Crystal Bracelet, a Dark Bracelet, and a Bracelet of Light.

Fallen Angel Pack - Contains Black Frame, Black Bustier, Angel Halo, and Angel Wing.

Impregnable Defense Pack 1 Contain san Extra Frame, a Chaos Frame, Heaven's End, and an E.O.M.

Chaos War Pack - Contains 1 Rage Blaster, 1 Vajra Rod, 1 Altis Rod, 1 99 Magnum, and 1 Epsilon Ring.

Point Addition Pack 2 - Contains 50,000 G, 5,000 EP, 150 PP, and 350 TP.

TP Addition Pack - Contains 20,000 TP and 2,500 PP.

PP Addition Pack 1 - Contains 5,000 PP.

Extra Dungeon 2 - Contains the additional dungeon "Neige Snow Field," which is playable during the second generation.

Additional Costume 2 - Contains one additional costume for each of the female characters during Free Intention.

Similar DLC packs were released last week, and two more sets will be made available on June 28 and on July 5. Record of Agarest War was released in North America on June 14. The game will be released in PAL nations on July 29 under the title Agarest: Generations of War Zero and will only be for the PS3. More screenshots can be viewed here and artwork here.

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