Kefka Palazzo

While many RPG villains are cold, ruthless, and unrealistically savour all things "evil," Final Fantasy VI's Kefka Palazzo is short-fused, loud, and vaguely hilarious. He's a flamboyant sociopath with little regard for human life or remorse for the atrocities he frequently commits, and often finds amusement in the suffering of others. In fact, he enjoys the pain of others so much that causing it usually results in him bursting into fits of hysterical and mildly terrifying laughter. That said, he doesn't commit these crimes because he's pure evil incarnate, like other Final Fantasy villains; Kefka is just a disturbed agent of chaos that lacks any semblance of self control due to the scientific and magical atrocities previously thrust upon him.

If motivation and characterization aren't enough to convince you of his stature as a villain, this psycho clown at least deserves praise for doing what no other antagonist in the Final Fantasy series was capable of: succeeding against your heroic party. In a moment few could have predicted, this mad man actually incites apocalypse and ascends to godhood. Your heroes fail, and mass death occurs as a result. While your party struggles to pick up the pieces, Kefka's disregard for human life develops into full-blown nihilism, and he becomes so disgusted with humanity that he attempts to break the bonds of existence itself. That's evil. — Trent Seely

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