Adolf Hitler

It wouldn't be a proper list of villains without this guy, but he's not quite who he seems! Unlike the real Adolph Hitler, the one who appears in Persona 2: Innocent Sin is just a bad rumor wearing a pair of wrap-around shades. In the English version, Hitler isn't even his real name—it's Führer. It's easy to get the two guys confused.

As everyone knows, humanity is watched over by two attractive men. One of them believes in kindness and self-actualization. The other is Nyarlathotep: the Crawling Chaos, and the God of a Thousand Forms. The two beings make a bet about the fundamental nature of humanity, causing rumors to become reality in an unremarkable Japanese town. A cute, new shop opened up downtown? Of course! Teen fads summon demons? It sounds plausible. Hitler survived the Second World War, leads an army of cybernetic super-soldiers, and plans to hijack a New Age spaceship? If it's published, it must be true!

Paranoid rumors spread like wildfire compared to heroic ones. That alone makes humanity look pretty bad. Why would the collective sub-consciousness need to recreate Hitler? Are we the real monsters here? It's certainly possible. on the other hand, Hitler rubbed our noses in it, blew up some buildings, and turned on his underlings.

Ultimately, Hitler turns out to be another disguise used by Nyarlathotep, the public domain god of madness and humanity's folly. He wins his divine bet and destroys 99% of humanity, claiming it's what the death-obsessed clods secretly wanted. Tatsuya, the protagonist, is left with the decision to bring them all back at the cost of all the friendships he's made. The decision's a tricky one, which requires the completion of the sequel, Personal 2: Eternal Punishment to completely resolve. In conclusion, Hitler's a jerk. — Zach Welhouse

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