Lezard Valeth

Lezard Valeth is by far one of the most confusing villains that I have ever encountered in an RPG. From his ambitious lust for power, coupled with his intense sexual desires for the poor Battle Maiden, Lenneth Valkyrie, Lezard spends most of his days practicing alchemy and necromancy as a means to gain power. Desiring godhood, Lezard wishes to share his intense affections with Lenneth, to the point where he creates homunculi with the likeness of his lady love.

Lezard's personality is that of a stereotypical geek gone insane after being rejected by the head cheerleader, or in this case, the stunning Lady Valkyrie. After Lenneth restores the world, Lezard survives by using the power of the Philosopher's Stone. With the stone he travels hundreds of years into the past to create an elaborate scheme to attain godhood and get into the silvery pants of his lady love... who thinks he's absolutely deplorable. Yes, Lezard may be a nerd, but he spends most of his time in Valkyrie Profile 2 concocting ruses merely for his own amusement without taking into consideration the delicate balance between the world of the humans and that of the gods.

Lezard has always been my favourite villain simply because he has such shallow reasons to be doing half of what he does. He murders, plays with the dark arts, and never takes responsibility for his actions. As far as he's concerned his actions have no real consequences, and as a love sick puppy, what does it matter if a few dozen people are harmed in the process? Manipulative and cunning, Lezard is self-absorbed and his insane sexual tension makes him truly a unique villain among many. — Sam Marchello

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