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Greetings RPGamers! This site has a long history with the Final Fantasy series, reaching all the way back to the days before we branched off from the Unofficial Squaresoft Homepage. As such, we have chosen to take time to reminisce about our history with each of the main games (and some extras) as the series hits its 25th anniversary. Twenty-five years ago Final Fantasy launched on the Famicom in an attempt to save Square from financial ruin, and it succeeded. Here in 2012, there are now fourteen games in the main series and tons of spin-offs, side games, and sequels, and we will celebrate many of these in our anniversary feature. Instead of going into detail about the games, staff members volunteered to write up their own personal experiences with individual games in the series.

Along with those memories, we also asked the staff to score each game based on certain catagories, much like a staff review. We looked at the story and cast, battle system, soundtrack, visual style (which includes art style, not just graphical prowess), originality (at the time of release), replayability, and finally, fun factor. We asked each staff member to think of their favorite version of the game in order to score each area. If we liked the graphics of the PlayStation Portable version of Final Fantasy IV best, but enjoyed the DS version's battle system more, that's how we scored. We also listed out completion percentages, so we can see what percentage of staff played which games. Out of that pool, we could see how many people went out to complete the game after that. So here are our memories and thoughts on the Final Fantasy series in its 25th year of existence.

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