Release Date (Japan): 04.27.1990
Release Date (NA): 11.14.2006 (DS)
Preferred Platform: NES
Other Platforms: DS, PSP, iOS, Android
Percentage Played: 76%
Percentage Completed: 77%
Scores (Out of 5)
Story & Cast: 2.2
Battle System: 2.9
Soundtrack: 3.0
Visual Style: 2.8
Originality: 2.6
Replayability: 2.7
Fun Factor: 2.6

Nathan Schlothan
Final Fantasy III is not the greatest or most memorable game in the series, but it is still a fun little game. I always love the Job system, and even though the original version of that system is a bit rough and needs to have some kinks sorted out it is still quite good. It is certainly limited by being an NES game, and the DS remake wasn't ambitious enough to change that fact. The lack of save points in the grueling final dungeon is maddening.

My favorite aspects of Final Fantasy III are easily its world and music. Places like the floating continent, the world submerged beneath the dark ocean, the crystal tower, and the forbidden land Eureka all give an impression of an incredibly fantastic world. The very first descent from the floating continent to the lower world is a wondrous experience and one of my favorite moments in the entire series, and a large part of that is due to the music playing when it happens. Final Fantasy III isn't very visually appealing, but music like the beautiful overworld themes easily makes up for that flaw.

Cassandra Ramos
This is the last main series Final Fantasy game I have played thus far. I perhaps should have played this before Final Fantasy V, but I still mostly enjoyed Final Fantasy III. The polygonal DS graphics were far from impressive, but I appreciated the small amount of back story and personalities given to the playable characters. Although the Jobs system was not as refined as it was in Final Fantasy V, I still liked it and enjoyed the challenging boss fights. I mostly didn't mind the old school mechanics, but the inability to save in dungeons was irritating. How I managed to make it through the last dungeon without getting my party wiped I'll never know. I can imagine how frustrating it would have been to lose all that progress. Saving issues aside, I thought it was a fun romp.

Mike "JuMeSyn" Moehnke
Final Fantasy III on the DS was around the sixth game in the series I played, but exactly when I played it is not coming to memory. It reminded me of a prototypical FFV without the marvelously addictive quality I'd found there. I'm glad to have played it, but the experience as a whole was devoid of anything that made a strong impression.

Michael A. Cunningham
Final Fantasy III was another game I didn't know existed until I discovered the renumbering. When I did, I lamented not being able to play this one even more than Final Fantasy II. I loved the original's job system and this one looked to advance things even more. Due to it taking forever to be localized, it was the only Final Fantasy I spent any time emulating. I only played for around six hours, but it was enough to enjoy it.

When the DS version was announced with its better balancing and new features, I was excited to get to try it in an official format. Sadly, I did not enjoy this one much at all. I could recognize the quality of the Job system, but there was just something about this that I didn't enjoy. Looking back on Final Fantasy III, especially its final dungeon, I can find little to make me want to play it again. I really do wish I could play a 2D version of this, because I'm not a fan of the DS release. The music is great and the character designs in the DS version are cute, but that's not enough for me. At least I should be able to play it on my toaster soon.

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