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Changes Brewing July 3, 2008
d20 -> d5

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Roll them bones!

Good day and welcome once again to the Saving Throw. This week we have a couple reviews, plus news from the recently concluded Origins convention. And of course, I know many of you are reading to find out who won the 4th Edition Core Rulebooks set. Last night, I took the entries, dumped them in a baseball cap, then had my daughter draw the winner. Before she ate the piece of paper, I was able to catch a glimspe of the winner's name. Congratulations go out to Michael P. from the great state of Illinois!

As I mentioned before, I had started putting a decent sized dent in the materials I have stacked up to review. So what happens? 15 new products showed up in my "to-review" stack. Remind me to keep my mouth shut. Or to roll better on my saves against reviews. Either one would probably help. Speaking of reviews, debuting with the next column the Saving Throw reviews will be changing from a d20 scoring system to a d5 scoring system (with half scores) just like the rest of RPGamer.

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This Week's Feature

Dungeons and Dragons, 4th Edition June 26th, 2008
Grandpa returns to show the young'uns a thing or two.

Curse of the Crimson Throne Player's Guide July 3rd, 2008
Just don't sit on it.

Tabletop Gaming News

34th Annual Origins Awards Announced

   At the recently concluded Origins Game Fair in Columbus, OH, the Academy of Adventure Gaming Arts and Design announced winners of the 34th Annual Origins Awards. Check the list below to see if any of your favorites made it this year.

Miniatures Rules of the Year: Classic Battletech, Published by Catalyst Game Labs
Miniature or Miniatures Line of the Year: Titanius Fury, By Dragonfire Laser Crafts Inc.
Collectible Card Game of the Year: Legend of the Five Rings, Published by Alderac Entertainment Group
Historical Miniature Game of the Year: “Check Your 6!”, Published by Skirmish Campaigns
Historical Miniatures Line of the Year: Romano-British 15mm, Published by Splintered Light Miniatures
Historical Board Game of the Year: Age of Empires III: The Age of Discovery, Published by Tropical Games
Non-Fiction Publication of the Year: Hobby Games: The 100 Best, Published by Green Ronin
Fiction Publication of the Year: Astounding Hero Tales, Published by Hero Games
Game Accessory of the Year: Call of Cthulhu Dice Set, Published by Q-Workshop
Roleplaying Game Supplement of the Year: Codex Arcanis, Published by Paradigm Concepts
Roleplaying Game of the Year: Aces & Eights, Published by Kenzer and Co.
Traditional Card Game of the Year: Zombie Fluxx, Published by Looney Labs
Board Game or Expansion of the Year: StarCraft: The Board Game, Published by Fantasy Flight Games
Also announced where the Hall of Fame Inductees for 2008: R. A. Salvatore, Vampire: The Masquerade (White Wolf Games), and Paranoia (Mongoose Publishing)



And another column is finished. Thanks again to all those who entered our contest, and those who provided suggestions for improvements to the column. See you again in a couple weeks.

Martin "It's Hot" Drury

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