The Saving Throw
Proudest Gaming Moments Mar. 22, 2006
These are the times when the impossible or near impossible was accomplished.

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A Different Battle of Hoth
  contributed by Seanerd

A couple of friends and I were playing the Star Wars d20 game. Our gamemaster is a kind of genius, and because he has a lot of sourcebooks from different eras, he came up with the plot device of our party being "unstuck from time," so he could have us cavort throughout history. Our party consists of Tel Amin, a human scoundrel, who makes consistent use of his luck reroll, a gothic human scout with a bionic eye (good fot sniping), B-42-G (Big Guns 42: a reference to Douglas Adams), a massive trigger-happy and constantly-compensating-with-bigger-guns droid, and myself, a Verpine fringer, who constantly makes use of his slicing abilities.

This session landed us a dark and cold corridor on the icy moon of Hoth. We were to participate in the Battle of Hoth (the battle at the rebel base in Star Wars, Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back).

First, we came upon a room full of snowtroopers. Reacting quickly to the scary men in white (who I should have thought allies since they resemble Old Republic clone soldiers, who I still thought friendly), I chucked a thermal detonator in the middle of the room. When it exploded, the room collapsed on them.

It was now that the real excitement began. I was radioed by the Rebel leaders and set in motion a plan to help them escape, as I had just buried their only exit. We hit up the hangar, stole an X-wing and our space craft (a souped-up airspeeder with a grappling arm), from right under Vader's nose with a couple of natural 20 rolls (so delectable!).

Our dear trigger-happy droid, this time, with the absence of large remote controlled space craft, decided to try and hijack one of the AT-ATs (the large imperial walkers, which carry two platoons of stormtroopers). He took the X-wing, and rocketed over to the rear-most walker. As he was trying to gain entrance via the troop infested underbelly, our newest addition to the party, flying gunner for our scoundrel and scout, the Ewok Nim'Lik'a, went in via the main viewport and took out the pilots and General Veers by himself. (This is one of the more impressive feats ever. I just fear that Thrawn will now be in command of the Battle of Endor, which had been Veers' responsibility.)

At this point, the last of the Rebels had made it off-planet, unharmed, and there was no longer any point in battling the Empire. However, our idiotic droid insisted on hijacking and keeping the AT-AT. So we did. I was flying around in our space craft, essentially punching the other walkers in the fuel tanks and watching them explode. This was my moment of glory. With two natural 20's in a row, I took out 4 walkers in two turns, whilst between the other four party members, they took out one. I still gloat over that little victory for the giant preying mantis. We shortly thereafter escaped into hyperspace without exit coordinates (we lacked astromechs, and the airspeeder was piggybacking on the slaved X-wing's tailwind). And landed ourselves in Bothan space. Joy.

While the Battle of Hoth fiasco didn't exactly rewrite history, except for death of General Veers, it is another example of the temporal and trigger happy idiocy of which we are capable.

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