The Saving Throw
Most Dramatic Gaming Moments Feb. 8, 2006
These are the moments of true drama, where the players were truly drawn into the game.

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Burying a Death Knight
  contributed by Nwash

This adventure took place in my friend's realm and used Dungeons and Dragons, Second Edition rules. Our party consisted of three player characters and one NPC. My character was a female half-elf ranger; the other two player characters were a minotaur fighter/mage and a large furry druid of a species I can't remember the name of. The NPC was a drow that we ran into along the way. Earlier in this campaign, we had failed to prevent the escape of the death knight Lord Drakmare, the commander of the undead army known as the Nockmare which served the evil goddess Moradon. Due to a misunderstanding, we were believed to have helped him escape when in fact we had tried to prevent it.

We had been forced to leave the area where these events had happened. During this time, we had passed through a nearby kingdom. With our unfortunate reputation, we had problems passing through, but we had managed to convince Lady Boron, a member of the ruling family, that we were innocent. She had asked us to go to a place called the Tomb of Eternal Fire and destroy the Crown of Souls, an artifact that once belonged to Lord Drakmare. As this would help to restore our reputations, we agreed.

The Tomb of Eternal Fire was located inside a volcano, and though it wasn't the most pleasant of places to be, this initially appeared to be a cakewalk. We made our way inside the caverns and found the Crown of Souls on a pedastal on an island surrounded by lava. There was a chain bridge leading to the island, so we simply crossed it.

Now, while my ranger is possessed of only slightly-better-than-average intelligence, she certainly knew that touching a cursed artifact previously used by the nastiest of death knights was not a good idea. She decided to use one of her maces to begin lifting the Crown of Souls from its pedastal with the intentions of tossing it into the lava. It was a simple enough plan, but doomed to fail, as Lord Drakmare entered this chamber just as my ranger had managed to get the Crown of Souls off the pedastal.

We were immediately frozen by the fear aura generated by Lord Drakmare, as we all failed our saving throws. My ranger dropped the Crown of Souls onto the ground. Fortunately, there were dead warriors here from the ancient civilization that had once defeated the Nockmare, and these warriors had no intention of allowing Lord Drakmare to retrieve his crown. They rose and began to fight him, buying us time to overcome our fear. On the second round of saving throws, the minotaur passed, and he immediately decided to kick the Crown of Souls into the lava.

As the crown began to melt in the lava, the cavern began to shake violently. Lord Drakmare screamed as he saw his precious crown being destroyed. We wisely decided to leave, and we barely managed to escape before the entire cavern collapsed. Thus, Lord Drakmare was again imprisoned, though not killed. Fortunately, it would likely take him much longer than a lifetime to emerge from this prison. Our reputations were now repaired, but we had also become special enemies of the Nockmare. Still, our immediate situation was certainly much improved.

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