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Albert Odyssey [Read] Bryan Boulette Albert's Good Time 3.5/5
Alundra [Read] Derek 'Roku' Cavin Look Out Link 4.5/5
Alundra [Read] Mikel Tidwell The Alundra Game With... Alundra! 4.5/5
Alundra 2 [Read] Mikel Tidwell The Sequel That Isn't 3.0/5
Anachronox [Read] John Boske Space Opera for the Rest of Us 4.0/5
Arcanum [Read] James Enright Of PCs and RPGs Obscura 4.0/5
Arcanum [Read] John Boske Th3_Sn1per Will Save the Day! 3.5/5
Azure Dreams [Read] Derek 'Roku' Cavin Climb the Tower 3.0/5
Baldur's Gate [Read] Matt Prince Baldur's Gate 4.5/5
Baten Kaitos: Eternal Wings [Read] Bryan Boulette A Flight into Unoriginality 2.5/5
Bio-Motor Unitron [Read] Martin Drury Bio-Motor Unitron 3.5/5
Breath of Fire [Read] Derek 'Roku' Cavin A Breath of Fresh Air? 3.0/5
Breath of Fire II [Read] Matt Prince Dragons, Demons, and Religion 3.0/5
Breath of Fire III [Read] Brian Glick Capcom's Third Installment Appeals To Younger and Older Gamers Alike 3.5/5
Breath of Fire IV [Read] Rachel Steiner In the Breath of Fire, we Burn Brightly. 3.5/5
Breath of Fire V: Dragon's Quarter [Read] Gabriel Putnam Diamond in the Rough 4.5/5
Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow [Read] Bryan Boulette An Entrancing Aria 4.5/5
Castlevania: Symphony of the Night [Read] Drew Cosner Everything You'd Expect A Castlevania To Be 4.5/5
Deus Ex 2 - Invisible War [Read] John Boske We Wanted Orange, We Got Lemon-Lime 2.5/5
Diablo [Read] Stewart Bishop Go To Hell... And Back 3.5/5
Diablo [Read] Joshua Maciel Diablo 4.0/5
Dragon Warrior [Read] Derek 'Roku' Cavin Here's a Stick, Go Save the World 3.0/5
Dragon Warrior [Read] Bill Johnson In the Beginning... 2.5/5
Dragon Warrior II [Read] Derek 'Roku' Cavin Small Improvements 3.0/5
Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind [Read] John Boske Expansive Yet Empty 3.5/5

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