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October 4, 2007

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Welcome to MMORPGamer.

After one week, it seems I've gotten a few clicks, but I'm hoping to pick up steam within the month. This week features news again, with some media for added flavor. Go ahead and fill yourself up with info, and then I'll get back to you when you're fat and happy with all those MMO stories.

Here goes:

  Tabula Rasa Pushed Back

Tabula Rasa

Although it's not a huge delay, Tabula Rasa producer Starr Long announced two days ago that the pre-order headstart date is now 10/30/07 and the commercial release to 11/02/07. "This short but critical amount of time will give us time to address several issues including stability and balance as well as allowing our players to test the continent of Ligo (38+) and out major changes to crafting for a few weeks rather than a few days." says Long.

This factor isn't new to MMO fans, of course, but he still explains it with his own "Stable, Fast, Fun. In that order" adage. I'm pretty confident that the longer the wait, the better the game.

  World of Warcraft Celebrates Beer

World of Warcraft

This week in World of Warcraft, Brewfest hits the servers. Although there was the usual confusion on exactly when the holiday would begin, it's now up and running.

Brewfest has main events at Orgrimmar and Ironforge, along with "beer gardens" set up outside all major cities, including Shattrath. Among the events are Ram Racing, Mystery Hunts, and free beer. There's a lot more to the festival.

For more information on what Brewfest has in store, Blizzard has posted a guide for users.

  City of... Issue 11

City of Heroes

City of Villains

City of... is set to receive another free expansion pack entitled Issue 11: A Stitch in Time. The update brings the Ouroboros organization to the game. These beings from the ends of time enable time travel to rewrite the past of the City of... series.

The issue also includes two new power sets: Dual Blades and Willpower. Dual Blades brings a new Combo system into the game. As seen in the screenshots below, Dual Blades also brings more customization to the already intense character creation screen. Willpower features a mix of resistance, defense, and regeneration powers.

Also in the issue are new inventions, including "Very Rare" purple sets, and new invention sets for Taunt, Buff, and Debuff powers.

  EQ and EQII Expansion Box Art


Everquest II

Everquest and Everquest II are both receiving expansions on November 13, and I've got some box art for you. In another tasty tidbit, Rise of Kunark and Secrets of Faydwer are going to be all-in-one packs. This means that they'll have the initial game and every expansion included.

This is a great move for EQ and EQII. After two expansions, beginning an MMO becomes difficult and expensive if you have to buy the original and all subsequent expansions. I'm hoping that other developers will take the hint and start doing this.

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Enough MMO info? Stay just a bit longer for me.

Last week I mentioned that I'd like to hear from readers with questions, comments, jokes, or whatever. After a sad, empty inbox this week, I'm gonna reiterate that all input is welcome. Send in anything you like, preferably MMO-related, and I'll post it here with my response.

Checking my inbox,

Jake Miller (mail me)

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