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Otoshiana July 16, 2006

Long story short, I am moving into a new apartment. Why? Because my current one is both sweltering and it is a pit. Thus, today's update is titled "Otoshiana," or "pit."

Oh, who the heck am I? I'm Rob. You may know me from Japandemonium updates such as "Megalomania!" and "About Face!" I have returned to hold up the walls of Japandemonium. Of course, by "hold up" I mean "with a firearm." In the time I have been gone, I have moved to the city (albeit not the one I wanted,) and am now moving into a new apartment. I live in Sudbury, Ontario, known for its...smokestack.

That's right, I live in Canada, and contrary to the opinion of many people, it can get pretty hot here. The last week has seen temperatures peak into the mid 30s (that's Celcius,) with humidity so high that water turns green with envy. Actually, sometimes the water really is green here, but it's usually the nickel. Speaking of nickel, we have a big one of those too. In Sudbury, we go big.

This update is a little later than I had hoped. I have been extremely busy as of late around the city, but now I am into the groove and all is well. There may be a few minor polishes on the section, but nothing drastic. Put on your hardhat before climbing down into the otoshiana, because it can get pretty darn dangerous down there, and there may be monsters.

 Dengeki Rankings

Xenosaga fans rejoice, because Xenosaga Episode III is number two this week on the Dengeki chart. Many of the recent top 50 have been RPGs, but time goes by and they start falling off the chart, making this week's chart a humble six games. Valkyrie Profile: Silmeria is one of many having taken a tumble as well, dropping out of the Top 10. You can also blame this game for this update taking so long. Curse you, tri-Ace!

Position Title Publisher Platform
2 Xenosaga Episode III Namco
11 Valkyrie Profile: Silmeria Square Enix
16 Digimon Story Namco Bandai
17 Brave Story PSP Sony CE
24 Atelier Iris: Grand Fantasm Gust
39 Magical Vacation Nintendo

Source: Dengeki Online

 I put my Brave Story shirt on inside out!

Kospa plans on releasing a set of shirts with a Brave Story theme for sale near the beginning of August. They will be selling five different designs, all featuring characters from the series. The shirts will cost you a tasty 3045 yen, because everybody loves round numbers! Personally, I wouldn't wear a lime green shirt, but that grin has me sold.

Source: Famitsu

 Astonishia Story: Shocking Character Movie Screens
Idea Factory

Idea Factory had revealed some information on the characters in its upcoming game, Astonishia Story. The player will control the 25 year old Lloyd, who is a knight questing to recover a stolen royal treasure. Other characters include 135 year old Rejaile, who is one of the 8 Wise Men, Hattike, a 12 year old warrior, Genas, an 118 year old elven archer, and Elayne, a young apprentice mage. Everybody loves artwork, so this week we have a few character shots from the game. Astonishing!

Source: Famitsu

 Puzzle DE Battle Disgaea Details Fall From Top of Screen
Nippon Ichi

Nippon Ichi has polymorphed its popular Disgaea franchise and turned it into a cellphone puzzle game called "Puzzle DE Battle Disgaea," a game where players line up falling blocks. Line up three or more of the same colour, and the blocks vanish. A number of game modes are included, such as "Battle Mode" and "Endless Mode." In "Battle Mode," player can control Laharl as he battles against monsters from Disgaea to see who can wreck the other's screen first. Between these battles are "lesson matches" as well. Laharl can also gain stat boosts and new attacks if he can clear out his screen in a given amount of time. "Puzzle DE Battle Disgaea" has already gone live, and will cost players 315 yen each month.

Source: Famitsu


Over already? How anti-climatic. Such is life. I will be adding a bottom section here in the next update, however I'm not totally sure what I shall do yet. If you have an idea, feel free to email me and let me know. Updates are looking to continue on Sundays, so see you next week!

Rob "This f3d0r4 improves my Moxie" Parton

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