Brave Story: New Traveler  
Brave Story: New Traveler

Brave Story is a new RPG developed by Game Republic for the PSP. It is a features a turn-based combat system, beautiful 3D world, and no load time during combat.


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SCEI Japan
XSeed Games US

  Release Date  
07.08.2006 Japan
07.31.2007 US
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·XSEED Apologizes to Canadian Fans for Brave Story's Low Quality Packaging 08.13.2007  
·Brave Story Released in North America 07.31.2007  
·XSEED Braves New Website for Traveler's Story 07.09.2007  
·XSeed Games Announces 2007 Lineup 03.21.2007  
·Brave Story Gets Shirts 07.16.2006  
·A Brave Story Will be Told 03.06.2006  

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