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Monster of the Deep Now a Reel Part of Final Fantasy XV


Final Fantasy XV

Mere days after Comrades joined the ever-expanding Final Fantasy XV content stable, it's time for an altogether different experience with Noctis & Co. Enter the new standalone spin-off based around the original's fishing minigame, Monster of the Deep: Final Fantasy XV.

As an exclusive PlayStation VR game, Monster of the Deep literally casts players into the middle of a no-holds barred fishing adventure, and the whole crew is there. Players can join Noctis, Prompto, Gladio, and Ignis, along with some other familiar faces, in some relaxing angling challenges via the Free Fishing mode, or wade right into Story Mode to take on a beastly threat lurking in the depths. Of course, the local wildlife may not simply stand by idly while their territory is invaded, so a few surprises are sure to abound. There are a multitude of rods, lures, and fish to use and catch, as well as tournaments to compete in.

While it is based on one of Final Fantasy XV's minigames, Monster of the Deep does not require having played or even owning the base game, and requires no previous knowledge of the game. An official launch trailer, viewable below, has also been released. For more information, head to Final Fantasy XV's official website.

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