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Final Fantasy IV Will Be Complete


Final Fantasy IV

Square Enix has revealed that it is working on a new version of Final Fantasy IV for the PlayStation Portable, called Final Fantasy IV Complete Collection. This will not be a port of the recent Final Fantasy IV DS, but rather will be an updated version of the original game with new graphics.

The most notable thing about the new PSP version is that it will include both the original Final Fantasy IV and its episodic sequel, Final Fantasy IV: The After Years, which was previously only released for Japanese cell phones and on WiiWare. In addition, the Complete Collection will contain an entirely new scenario set between Final Fantasy IV and The After Years, however Square Enix has not yet released any details about it.

Final Fantasy IV Complete Collection will be released in Japan in Spring 2011, almost exactly two decades after Final Fantasy IV was first released. There has been no announcement about whether this collection will be brought to other parts of the world, but given the history of the series it is very likely.

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Final Fantasy IV Complete Collection
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