Final Fantasy IV: The After Years  
Final Fantasy IV: The After Years

The sequel to Final Fantasy IV. It is set 15 years in the future and follows the adventures Cecil's son as well as many other characters, new and old.

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· Square Enix

Square Enix (Mobile) Japan
Square Enix (WiiWare) us

  Release Date  
02.2008 Japan
06.01.2009 us
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·The After Years Comes to Steam 04.24.2015  
·FFIV: The After Years Release Date Set 05.18.2009  
·GDC Brings New Final Fantasies to Light 03.25.2009  
·Final Fantasy IV: The After Years Rated by ESRB 02.27.2009  
·The Sequel to the News of the Sequel to a Sequel of Final Fantasy Revealed 12.24.2007  
·Final Fantasy IV Gets Mobile Sequel 12.15.2007  

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