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The Sequel to the News of the Sequel to a Sequel of Final Fantasy Revealed


Final Fantasy IV The After: Return of the Moon

Square Enix has recently revealed some story details regarding its cellphone sequel of Final Fantasy IV, The After. Officially titled Final Fantasy IV The After: Return of the Moon, the title begins 17 years after the completion of the original game.

Players take the role of Theodore, son of Cecil and Rosa, and will also run into much of the cast from the original game. The gameplay itself will remain mostly unchanged, though Tokito added that "there will be a new feature to the system specifically for mobile phones which will also links with the story in the game."[sic]

"When we were making the DS remake of FFIV, there were talks on creating an after story of sorts as well as talks on working on a game for mobile phones," said sequel Executive Producer Takashi Tokita. "I have strong attachments to the characters and I was working on the remake so FFIV was always on my mind these days. After having played the remake, I thought that allowing users to download and play the continuation to the story on the mobile phone was a good idea."[sic]

The game's concept art is being handled by Yoshitaka Amano, while the character art is being handled by Akira Ogura, who worked on Hanjuku Hero with Tokita in the past. Kazuko Shibuya, who worked on the 2D sprite art in the series up to Final Fantasy VI, is returning to work on this title. This game has not been announced for North America, though it will begin its episodic trek in Japan in February on both DoCoMo and "au mobile" phone services. The initial episode will essentially be a demo and available for free.

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Final Fantasy IV: The After
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