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Final Fantasy IV Gets Mobile Sequel


Square Enix

Square Enix is adding yet another entry to the long list of Final Fantasy games to get sequels. This time, it's Final Fantasy IV. Titled Final Fantasy IV: The After, it follows Theodore, a direct descendant of Cecil from the original game. Though not much is yet known about the game's plot, the magazine scans reveal that Theodore will be going to the Moon, from which his ancestors hail.

Unfortunately for fans in North America, that is not where the news ends. Like so many other games in Japan, this will be a mobile title that is playable on phones from the DoCoMo 903i series and higher. This means the chances for North American release are unlikely.

Final Fantasy IV: The After will be available for download in February of next year. At this time, there has not yet been an announcement whether the game will be a one-time download, but other similar games have been episodic in nature. For more information, look for updates in our weekly Japanese gaming column, Japandemonium.

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Final Fantasy IV: The After
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