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Dragon Quest VIII Walks a Tough Road


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Not long ago, RPGamer told you about Monster Battle Road, a certain area of Dragon Quest VIII that let's players take three of their "scouted" monsters into battle against other teams of monsters. Now, more details have come forth telling more precisely how this works.

After selecting the desired team of monsters and naming said team, the player's crew waits its turn in the upper levels of the MBR's ring. An announcer then calls the team's name, signalizing the beginning of a match. While fighting, a monster might spontaneously start glowing. This shows it is ready to perform a combo attack with the rest of the team, and after the other two members start to glow, the player can unleash the combo. Most combo attacks drive from a common thread among the three teammates. For example, three members who use swords as their weapons of choice will come down on one opponent with a 3-on-1 combo attack called "Triple Sword." Line up three archers to get "Shining Arrow." But the common thread is not limited to weapons alone. Three monsters which can ride on other monsters can combine to perform "Riders' Carnival," and so on.

Players will also be able to use these combos in battles outside of the MBR, since the game allows players to summon previously defeated and "scouted" enemies during random encounters. Many things will form usable combinations, so experimentation is encouraged.

With its price of 8,800 yen (approximately $80 US), Dragon Quest VIII will be available in Japan on November 27th, while no stateside release plans have been announced. RPGamer recently posted new screens of Monster Battle Road here.

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