Fight On, Final Fantasy X-2

New details regarding the battle system of Square's upcoming PlayStation 2 title, Final Fantasy X-2, are going to be featured in next week's issue of V-Jump magazine. The developers of FFX-2 hinted previously at the game's battle system, but not much has been known except that it will be unlike the one in Final Fantasy X.

It has now been revealed that the classic Active Time Battle System (ATB) will be back after its notable absence from FFX, along with the ability to use three characters in battle. However, Square is not simply reusing an older system; in FFX-2 characters will be able to perform combo attacks together and even change jobs in battle.

Final Fantasy X-2 is set to glide into Japanese stores next spring, but North America must wait patiently for the Celsius to bring Yuna and company its way.

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by Cortney Stone    
Source: [Quiter]

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