Final Fantasy X-2 Details Divulged

Famitsu recently snagged the development team of Final Fantasy X-2 for a fascinating interview. The weekly game magazine managed to unearth some interesting information concerning Squaresoft's upcoming Final Fantasy X sequel.

Yuna and Rikku will be two of the three main characters, but the identity of the third woman remains a mystery. According to the developers, the mysterious woman is not Lulu, as some have speculated, but a new character altogether.

The story opens with Yuna's discovery of a fascinating sphere, which contains the image of a man resembling Tidus. Curiosity gets the best of her, and she sets out, as any good girl in an RPG should, on a journey to find the man who captured her fancy. Naturally, this quest evolves into something much greater than anticipated.

Those who felt that FFX was too linear will be glad to know that the world of FFX-2 will allow players more liberty in playing and exploring. Yuna has access to much of her native land right from the start, and she can also use various vehicles as means of transportation, including the classic hovercraft.

It's no wonder that Yuna shed her heavy robes for a skimpier outfit. After all, she can't have those skirts getting in her way as she leaps and climbs. Kazushige Nojima said that it was just "the natural reaction." In addition, the developers emphasized that the integration of jumping and climbing into Yuna's world was merely a way to make getting around more exciting. Fortunately, a fall will not result in fatality, since FFX-2 is not an action game.

The sphere grid system of FFX is gone with the wind, as are Overkills and Overdrives. The developers did not elaborate on the battle system, but they hinted that it would go beyond the limits of simply selecting menu commands.

Development has been progressing very well for about a year, and Japanese voice work is almost complete. While Rikku will not have her own version as previously planned, the developers said that the story leaves openings for a sequel, should Squaresoft decide to pursue it.

RPGamer will continue to bring fresh information on FFX-2. Please feel free to discuss this upcoming installment of the Final Fantasy series here in our forums.

by Cortney Stone    
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