Unlimited News Comes In Threes

Square seems to have developed a taste for revealing the characters of Unlimited Saga in groups of three; today, the company unveiled another trio. Myth, Cash, and Judy will all be main characters in the game, going alongside the last batch announced earlier this week.

Myth is an inventor. His tastes tend strongly towards wine and women, which helps explain why an oil painting changed his life; in the painting, he found the girl of his dreams, and embarked on a journey to search for her.

Cash, meanwhile, is the son of a High Knight, but far from being an admiring son, he spurns his heritage and journeys the land. Despite his outward distaste for his father, he retains a rather knightly sense of justice. He is an experienced adventurer, who has been to many different cities.

Finally, Judy is the granddaughter of the owner of a magical house. Growing up in such an environment has its advantages; Judy has been able to pick up quite a few of the spells that she saw flying around during her childhood. Unfortunately, perhaps childhood memories aren't the best way to learn magic; Judy's spells have a tendency to fail miserably most of the time.

With the PlayStation 2 title's release date looming, information about Unlimited Saga is becoming ever more readily available. Currently, the game is set to release in Japan on December 19, at an estimated price of 6,800 ¥ (roughly $55 US), or 8,800 ¥ (about $71 US) for the deluxe version. There has been no announcement concerning a North American release.

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by Andrew Long    
Sources: [Newtechnix]

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