Three More Characters Become Unlimited

Square has released some information on its upcoming PlayStation 2 RPG, Unlimited SaGa. The names of the three characters, besides the previously named pirate girl Laura, are Armic, seen here, Ruby, and the very green Vent. The storyline, as previously stated, involves the characters' search for the Seven Mystical Wonders. Once collected, the Gods (who have seemingly gone elsewhere) will re-appear and humanity will have a golden age.

Square also released some info on the battle system, which will use a unique Reel System during battles. The Reel (as you might expect) spins, and where it lands affects how effective a character's movement will be. Five commands are available per turn, and they can be split among the five characters in your battle party, or used to allow characters to act multiple times within a turn at the expense of other characters' turns. When two or more characters use the 'hold' command, thereby halting the action, they will unleash a combined attack. A character taking multiple commands within a turn may have his or her attacks turn into chains or combos.

Unlimited SaGa is set to be released in Japan on December 19 for a retail price of 6800yen (about $55 US). No word has been made on whether or not the game will see a release outside of Japan. Be sure to check out all of our coverage on this game here, and be sure to stay with RPGamer for all your RPG news.

by Justin Harwood    
Sources: [Magic Box]
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