Shin Megami Tensei III Update

The long-awaited third installment in the Persona series is in the works at Atlus, as evidenced by the game's website, which has gone live. Shin Megami Tensei III: Nocturne is set in a "different community-ized-Tokyo conception", a broken community filled with daily challenges for the young people that live there.

One of these youngsters, a high school-aged teenager, is drawn into a chain of mysterious events one day when visiting a hospital with his friend in order to visit his teacher. While at the hospital, he is drawn into an alternate Tokyo, in a dimension where humans cannot survive. Soon, he is revived by a mysterious figure and set off on his quest.

No other information has been made available at this time, and Atlus is currently early in development; Shin Megami Tensei III will not hit stores until sometime next year. No price has yet been decided for the title, which has also not been confirmed for North American release. Be sure to check out RPGamer's media coverage of this new PlayStation 2 game. Updated:Oct. 17/02

by Andrew Long    
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