Shin Megami Tensei III: Nocturne - Screen Shots
09.25.2004 Screen Extravaganza
Energy sword Sparklers Earthquake
Sunburn in all the wrong places Retaliation Seriously, close your mouth when you eat
Dante using a familiar attack Cat girl Ok, that wasn't supposed to happen
Thor prepares to attack Oooooo, fireworks Ok, who left the horse stalls open?
Happy or sad? You decide. A little damage here and a little healing there Two-headed war cry
Mysteriously not so mysterious Point the gun another way please Running around Mantra HQ
The main hall of Mantra HQ Congress is out of session Running past rectangular shaped columns
Main character levels up The Magatama Greetings from a Genma
Dante gets stronger Lilim and her "sexy gaze" This room seems cozy
Ghost rider? Ahriman up close and personal Ok, getting too close now
Really, though, you can back off now Disco Cylinder Angels prepared for battle
Baal avatar From a slightly different angle The player prepares for battle?
Quite the wing you have there Restricted Dante glares
Dante is prepared to battle Again with the gun pointing, Dante...... Mmmmmm, glow in the dark skin
Forneus Fusion completed Hijiri
Hikawa doesn't look too happy Hikawa unleashes a new evil Not quite the world, not quite destroyed
Lunar Eclipse A strange little girl Noah roaring
Noah, not as upset Noah bores a person with an afro? Noah grew a little and is bleeding out of her eyes
An obelisk An old man The old man and a veiled lady
The veiled lady and the strange little girl Ghost rider again Quetzalcoltl
What is this new skin tone? Thor makes another appearance The hero stares
Hikawa knows power when he sees it Nah Chiaki..... ok, maybe a little A human skin coat..... creepy
Other than the bark...... The veiled lady and old man again Magic keeps the robe in place
A large attack from the enemy The battle with Ahriman - Redeux Stopping those pesky physical attacks since..... well, when it was cast
Alright Dante, make it count Someone had a case of the weaknesses That's not how you win in battle
Preparing for a spear attack Be watchful of the...... backdraft Demon knights are a bad omen....
...For them of course The battle with Forneus rages on Though, hopefully not too much longer
09.06.2004 New Screens
Inspector Fish Scales He's camera shy What constitutes "weird"?
Hmph, lucky demons So that's why they're always in the /middle/ of those really really long tables. Those are sputtering halogen bulbs, moron.
The bull utterly humiliated you, didn't he? The Main Menu Wal-Mart greeters
Here's your refund! Even Divine Pricipalities must obey the Single File Line rule How about enhancing your sunscreen first
Stats for Mister Ugly Ingesting Miasma is a good thing? Miasma didn't stay down
Battle Sacrifice must just sound cool when you have swank shades. Touch me and die, baldy
05.12.2004 E3 Screens
Evil Little Man Hello Mr. Fly Dante's Standing
Futuristic Catacombs Dante's Metaphor Dancing Flames
Shiva perhaps? Kali, maybe? Blood Walls Welcome to K-Mart? Huh.
King Doggy! Moisturizer? They must be bad
Death Incarnate Kaboom Safety Deposit Go Byebye
Nice Face Chatter with Death We get it, Dante.
You rule, ok? Kiss me, sexy. Blue Death
Death Rides Devil May Crossover
02.03.2003 Several screens.
Get off the road A fiery death A beast god
This isn't where I want to be A silver lion Don't I look beautiful?
I'm not evil... really I'm not It's flying at me! *BOOM* That has to hurt.
And I ran, I ran so far away You hitting on my girlfriend? Aren't I the pretty boy?
I feel one dash stronger BOO ... Did I scare you? I wonder what's behind that door?
Magic for all
10.11.2002 More Screens  
Entrance Bird's Eye View Under a Tree
During Battle Casting a Spell? Wandering
Large Enemy Extreme Cubicles! Polly Wanna Cracker?
Pose Time Overhead View Entire City
Dreamy State That's no Tattoo... Caped Wonder?
Facing off Found you! Kaboom
Supercomputer? Guarded  
09.23.2002 The first bevy of screens!
Your mother will kill you over this! Turn... down... the gamma... Three pictures in one!
Three more. What a deal! Buddha with bad karma >:( Toasties! Mmm.
Pea...cock? What the...! *POSE*...*STARE* It's a rubix...cylinder!
Ph33r the trident. And three to grow on! And a final threesome.
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