Wild ARMs Advanced 3rd Pushed Back
Wild ARMs Advanced 3rd

Sony has announced that it will bump the street date of its upcoming PlayStation 2 RPG, Wild ARMs Advanced 3rd, to a March 14 release in Japan. The game was previously primed for a January 31 release and, as previously reported, Sony will retail a more costly special edition, featuring several bonus novelties. There has been no word on what repercussions, if any, this delay will have on the special edition.

The standard edition of Wild ARMs Advanced 3rd will retail for 5800 yen, or $47.00 US. There is no confirmation of a North American release as of now, but lo!, the voice of history, that eternal necromancer, whispers this very moment that the game will follow its PlayStation predecessors in due time, just as it bellows that the special edition has about as much of a chance of coming to North America as democracy to Cuba.

by Michael Henninger    
Source: [The Magicbox]
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