Scads of Details on Legend of Alon D'ar
Legend of Alon D'ar

A little over a month since its previously announced website went public and just in time for the last Thanksgiving leftovers, Stormfront studios has released a great deal of information about its upcoming PS2 RPG Legend of Alon D'ar. In between bites of turkey, read about the characters, races, and world of Alon D'ar. Just don't get mashed potatoes on the keyboard.

The world of Alon D'ar is made up of four floating continents:

  • The Top Tier: The top tier is frosty and frigid, home to high mountains and barren tundra. The frost and earth elementals live here.
  • The Second Tier: This is home to grasslands and forests, with human settlements scattered about.
  • The Third Tier: Swampy and wet, this is home to lizardmen and the wise Sarojin.
  • The Fourth Tier: One might think that this tier, a verdant garden, would be heavily populated. However, this tier is home to the Etherials and they don't like outsiders.

The races of Alon D'ar are many and varied. From the elementals to the warlike lizardmen of the Dagani, to human-seeming Orin and the wise and ancient Sarojin, one will never be at a loss for something new.

Stormfront Studios has also released a smattering of info on the characters of Legend of Alon D'ar. They include Jarik, a rather traditional swordsman/descendant-of-the-great-hero/spunky young lad, Tahir, the brash warrior Dagani, Tylonee, the female warrior, and SunDeep, the Sarojin sage.

Those wishing to see more information on Legend of Alon D'ar should go on over to the official website and gaze in wonder. Legend of Alon D'ar should be in stores sometime this month.

by Aaron Gover    
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