Legend of Alon D'ar Site Goes Live
Legend of Alon D'ar

UbiSoft announced today that its Legend of Alon D'ar site has gone live (the site can be found here). The title is a traditional role-playing game and is under development for the PS2 at Stormfront Studios.

LoA's story follows the travels and travails of a young orphan named Jarik. A long time ago his home planet of Chandar was the subject of a cataclysmic upheaval that destroyed its crust and resulted in the formation of floating continents, descriptively titled the Floating Worlds. Four main cultures managed to miraculously escape death: the Kemarrans, the Sarojin, the Dagan and the Orin. Jarik (male, Orin, warrior), is joined in his quest by a Tylonne (female, Orin, mage), Tahir (male, Dagan, warrior) and Sundeep (male, Sarojin, mage). Together they must discover the secrets that lie far beneath their floating homes.

Legend of Alon D'ar is currently slated for release sometime in November. Look for an extensive feature on this title in the coming weeks.

by Alex Wollenschlaeger    
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