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Dragon Warrior 7

With a scant four days to go before the return of the Dragon Warrior franchise to North America, Enix has launched the fourth sortie in its month-long Dragon Warrior VII promotional blitzkrieg. This week the attention is focused on the monsters that populate the game.

Over 300 assorted meanies can be encountered during the course of the game, but stumbling upon them is only the beginning of the fun. Much like the NPCs that, when encountered, settle in your Immigrant Town, monsters will aggregate in a virtual beastie game reserve, dubbed the Monster Park. By visiting the Monster Park, it is possible to chat with your defeated foes, sometimes with interesting results.

The park itself is malleable too, as it can altered as the player gathers Blueprints that are scattered throughout the game world. Encountered monsters are catalogued in the Monster Encyclopedia, which provides an image of each monster, as well as various stats, like the number of times you have defeated it, what items were dropped and how much gold was obtained. Enix is promising that cataloguing all the nasties will yield a special item.

Have a look at the screens below, and be sure to check back with us later in the week as the final batch of Dragon Warrior VII info--which will deal with the omnipresent minigames--is released. Look for a full review in the very near future.

by Alex Wollenschlaeger    
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