Even More Dragon Warrior 7 Details
Dragon Warrior 7

The third week of Enix' Dragon Warrior 7 awareness campaign has arrived, and the focus this time around is on an interesting feature called the "Immigrant Town." What this basically boils down to is a player-defined town populated by non-player characters that are encountered in the game. Anyone who has played Konami's Suikoden will recognize this feature as being reminiscent of the castle that the player establishes during the course of that game.

There are over 175 unique NPCs to find that will settle in your town, and it's possible to trade your citizens with friends. Once traded, the NPCs will remember what town they have come from--each town is named by the player. Together, your town and its inhabitants will evolve to the point where all sorts of industry have been established. Your town will be host to savory elements like agricultural and religious communities, and malicious districts like slums. It will even be possible for shops to arise that will sell rare items or parlors that will house mini-games.

Dragon Warrior 7 is set to storm North America on the 1st of November, and we'll have a full review of the game shortly after that. Keep checking with us as Enix divulges more on the long-awaited return of the Dragon Warrior franchise.

by Alex Wollenschlaeger    
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