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Final Fantasy VII Does PC... Again


Final Fantasy VII

Square Enix has officially announced that a revamped version of Final Fantasy VII's PC port is in the works. Contrary to rumor, the port will only be available for purchase on the Square Enix online store, not on other digital distribution sites like Steam. The game is listed as "coming soon," with no exact release date given. See the official site for more information.

The company has made a few additions to the original game. Players will be able to unlock thirty-six achievements and share them online. They'll have the option to boost HP, MP, and gil to their max levels at any time. They can also take advantage of (conveniently-named) cloud saves in order to pick up their game wherever they're playing. There's no mention of fixes for the various bugs, crashes, and control issues found in the original PC version, but hopefully those are being addressed as well.

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Final Fantasy VII
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