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Final Fantasy XIII Release Party Recap


Final Fantasy XIII

Square Enix held their exclusive release party for Final Fantasy XIII. While the Japanese release date of December 17th was leaked a couple days before the party, there was still other details to share.

The singing artist for Final Fantasy XIII is Sayuri Sugawara, who doesn't have any major claims to fame, which is par for Square Enix selections. She performed at the party, backed by an orchestra. Her single will be released on December 2.

No Final Fantasy game would be complete without a new drink, so Square Enix was proud to announce Final Fantasy XIII Elixir. While they didn't share details of what was in the drink, they showed off containers with pictures of Lightning, Sazh and his bird, as well as other characters. No other details were given, but one would expect the drinks will be released like Potion for Final Fantasy XII.

The only mention regarding a North American or European release was six to eight months, which still puts it in pre-mentioned range of "Spring 2010." Square Enix has already said that both the PlayStation 3 and the Xbox 360 versions will release at the same time in each region outside of Japan.

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Final Fantasy XIII
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