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Fifth Character revealed in Final Fantasy XIII


Final Fantasy XIII

The latest Famitsu has been translated, and in an interview, Motomu Toriyama reveals information about the fifth character in Final Fantasy XIII, Hope Estheim. The interview gives background on Hope detailing the weapons that he uses and his combat style.

Toriyama states that Hope is one of the banished citizens sent to Pulse. Hope is extremely angry towards Snow for involving his mother into the fight against Cocoon's soldiers, which ultimately killed her. Toriyama also says that Hope, at age fourteen, is the youngest of the five characters.

Hope is a ranged combat character who uses dual boomerangs in battle. If you lock onto enemies using Hope's boomerang, you can deal chain damage on one target. Hope might also flee from battle on occasion and is not as experienced as in combat as the other four characters. Toriyama said to look forward to more characters reveals in the future.

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Final Fantasy XIII
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