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Gamers eager for information about From Software's interestingly titled next-generation RPG, [eM] eNCHANT arM, have been quite out of luck lately. Today, however, this drought of information has been alleviated thanks to a slew of story and character details.

Golems, the previously mentioned beings birthed of both science and magic, play a large part in both the title's story and history. 1000 years ago these creations were brought into existence for militaristic purposes, an occurrence that resulted in the "Golem War." Sort of like a Terminator, Golems were programmed simply for combat and destruction, a command that lived on even after their architects had ceased to be. Just when the world was on the brink of complete annihilation, however, they stopped. The few humans remaining alive were dumbfounded as to why this happened, but were hardly disappointed. The silent abominations were labeled as "devil golems" and hastily sealed beneath the world's Cities, while the means to construct such a monstrosity were sealed away as "forbidden arts."

Despite the horrors of the Golem War, humans refused to abandon their potentially useful creations. Following the war, mankind set about developing more beneficial uses for their magical creations. These new models handled such menial and laborious tasks as operating a monorail to pizza delivery.

As has been previously announced, the story of [eM] eNCHANT arM will unfold in Yokohama City, a militaristic and highly advanced City known as a prominent center for both teaching and learning Enchant, or magic. As the City nears its 400th anniversary Atsuma -- the protagonist and possessor of an uncanny ability to negate the Enchantment on any object simply by touching it -- accidentally releases the most vicious devil golem known to man: the Queen of Ice. With an extremely high intelligence, masterful fighting abilities, and complete control over all things frozen, she is a serious threat to the world at large.

Thankfully, Atsuma and his companions are not alone in their struggle against the Queen of Ice, as they can build and control over 100 different types of Golems. Of these, several types include Fire Golems, Mage Guardian Golems, and Pegasus Golems. While no specific information on these creations has been disclosed, it is said that each type will command a different array of abilities and special attacks.

Aside from his ridiculously popular friend Touya, three other characters will accompany Atsuma on his quest. They are:

  • Makoto - A student at the same Enchanters' College as Atsuma and Touya, this 19 year old male spends his life as a transvestite, writing sappy love poems to Touya. Actually, his motivations for anything and everything are probably all traceable back to Touya. When he isn't pining over his unrequited love, Makoto occupies his time by wondering why on earth such a suave, intelligent, good-looking man like Touya would hang around with Atsuma, the single target of Makoto's undying wrath. On an interesting side note, Makoto is a surprisingly capable cook.
  • Karin - A former resident of London City, the 17 year old Karin ran away to join a small resistance group stationed just outside her hometown, to whom she lends her abilities as a talented kick boxer. A rather naive girl, she often bickers with Atsuma.
  • Raiga - A member of the same resistance faction to which Karin belongs, Raiga is much more mature than his 25 years would suggest. His talents lie in fencing, and his masterly skills and massive sword make him a force to be reckoned with on the battlefield. He is also a large fan of the strategy game "Go" and equally as fond of scolding Karin.

[eM] eNCHANT arM is slated to be released in concurrence with the Xbox 360 in Japan and will include a number of Xbox Live features. Those desiring more information can visit the title's official website here.

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