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From Software Breaks Caps Lock, Conceives RPG


[eM] eNCHANT arM/From Software

Two days ago, RPGamer posted a several pieces of media for From Software's interestingly titled Xbox 360 RPG, [eM] eNCHANT arM. Today we bring you a brief outline of what players can expect from this title.

[eM] eNCHANT arM will take place in a sort of fantastically realistic setting; that is, the land will possess decidedly whimsical details, but will still remain similar to reality. An example of this can be seen in the coexistence of science and "Enchant," a logical magic of sorts. In the world presented by the game, Enchant is used to further the technology birthed via science. A prime example of this is the "golem;" a robotic body given humanity through Enchant, golems serve practically every human family on the planet.

The population of [eM] eNCHANT arM reside in Cities, which are akin to condensed civilizations, each possessing a unique culture and government. "Yokohama City," renowned for its extremely advanced militaristic capabilities, is home to the title's hero, Atsuma. A student of the Enchanter's College, the center of life in Yokohama City, Atsuma is a slacker who spends the majority of his time napping. His lackadaisical nature has even rendered him immune to the estrangement resulting from an unusual ability of his: with his right hand he can nullify any Enchant on any object simply by touching it. Not fond of thinking before acting, Atsuma has a knack for landing himself in trouble quite often.

Touya, Atsuma's best friend and classmate, is often the only thing that saves Atsuma from such situations. Descended from a long line of renowned Enchanters, Touya is the cream of the crop in all things magical. Cool, collected, and ridiculously handsome, he has managed to win the hearts of the majority of the school, be it girls or boys. An unofficial "Touya Fan Club" has even been started in his honor.

The last known character, the Queen of Ice, is shrouded in mystery. Apart from her appearance on day in Yokohama City, nothing else in known about her.

The third RPG revealed for the Xbox 360, [eM] eNCHANT arM is slated for a simultaneous Japanese release with its system at the end of the year. Online components via Xbox Live will be supported. For more information, visit the official [eM] eNCHANT arM website.

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