More Info on Square's Nintendo Titles

Some very tantalizing tidbits on the new titles from Square for Nintendo’s Game Boy Advance and GameCube have been uncovered, thanks to Famitsu.

The footage of Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicle shown in the Nintendo commercial here seems to indeed point to a change in gameplay mechanics from the RPG engines that the Final Fantasy series have made standards. The game will be more action oriented and will emphasize multiplayer. In other words, Crystal Chronicle seems to be Square’s answer to Phantasy Star Online, without the online element.

However, there is another tidbit about Crystal Chronicle that is surprising, and will probably anger some consumers over the cost involved. Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicle will require players to use a Game Boy Advance as a controller, and hence will require a GameCube/Game Boy Advance link cable. Nintendo seems to be banking on most GameCube owners being Game Boy Advance owners as well, which is a safe assumption, and this will also help drive up sales of the link cable. Obviously the GBA’s screen is the desired component missing from the standard GameCube controller, but as of right now, Square has not said what the individual screen will be used for. Time will tell.

The news does not stop there, though. New details have come out about the Game Boy Advance versions of Final Fantasy Tactics and Seiken Densetsu, and their places in the scheme of things seem to have switched.

Final Fantasy Tactics for Game Boy Advance is not a port, but a sequel to the PlayStation cult hit. Whether the gameplay has been altered or if the game is a direct storyline sequel or a story with new characters and a new world is not known at this time, but will likely be known soon as the title is due out before the end of the year in Japan.

While FFT is now known to be an original title, Seiken Densetsu for Game Boy Advance is now known to be just that: Seiken Densetsu for Game Boy Advance. The Brownie Brown co-developed game is a Game Boy Advance version of the original Game Boy RPG Seiken Densetsu, which appeared in North America as Final Fantasy Adventure. As the Brownie Brown team is comprised of members of the original Seiken Densetsu series’ development team, RPGamers can be assured that the remake will be treated with care.

Perhaps the most tantalizing news of all is that Square still has more games to reveal later. The recent announcement of Final Fantasy III coming to Game Boy Advance is by far not the end of Square’s many Game Boy Advance titles to come. Nintendo and Square’s reunion is definitely going to be fruitful, not just for both companies, but also for RPGamers everywhere.

by Doug Hill    
Source: [GamePro]
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