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The Alliance Alive Shows Off Its Talents


The Alliance Alive

FuRyu has released a trailer to explain skill acquisition in the upcoming The Alliance Alive. Dubbed "talents," they can be purchased through a menu by spending talent points earned in battle. Numerous categories of talents exist, to enhance characters both in and away from battle, and each has its own list of unlockable talents. For example, there are separate ability types for different fighting styles, or general skills like the ability "Continue the Fight," which restores one SP per turn in battle. Elsewhere, the movement talent "Scouting Skill" makes the party harder to detect by enemies, and the "Negotiations and Bargaining" talent decreases store prices for items by 25 percent. Interestingly, talent points gained in battle are bestowed on characters regardless of whether they participate in battle or not, and are even accumulated for characters the player hasn't even met yet.

At the moment, the 3DS-exclusive The Alliance Alive is releasing only in Japan. After an initial delay, the release date has been set for June 22, 2017.

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