The Alliance Alive  
The Alliance Alive

The Legend of Legacy developer FuRyu has a new 3DS RPG with nine protagonists and a story that switches perspectives.

· Nintendo 3DS

· FuRyu

FuRyu Japan
Atlus US
Atlus Europe

  Release Date  
06.22.2017 Japan
2018 US
2018 Europe
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·The Alliance Alive Arrives on 3DS 03.28.2018  
·The Alliance Alive Demo Released, Yakuza 6 Demo Removed 02.28.2018  
·The Alliance Alive Introduces Its Combat 01.15.2018  
·Gene, Rachel, Tiggy Join The Alliance Alive 12.21.2017  
·The Alliance Alive Gets March Date 12.14.2017  
·Atlus Announces The Alliance Alive Launch Edition 10.31.2017  
·Nintendo Direct Round-up 09.13.2017  
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·The Alliance Alive Delayed to June in Japan 03.07.2017  
·The Alliance Alive Lives to Find Japanese Release Date 12.06.2016  
·FuRyu Announces The Alliance Alive 10.18.2016  

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