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Microsoft Presentation Roundup - E3



Microsoft's E3 presentation occurred today, with a number of RPGs making an appearance. Following its lengthy appearance in the Bethesda showcase yesterday, it was announced that Fallout 4 will have Fallout 3 bundled in for free on Xbox One. Mods created on PC are also confirmed to be compatible with the Xbox One version of the game.

Dark Souls III made its first appearance (more details coming shortly). This was followed by a new video for Tom Clancy's The Division, which was tenuously referred to as an action RPG by publisher Ubisoft. The Division is set in New York following the collapse of society after the unleashing of a viral weapon, and will receive an Xbox One-exclusive beta in December 2015. A new indie RPG also debuted, titled Ashen. Ashen is an action RPG developed by New Zealand-based developer Aurora44, with its announcement trailer viewable below.

The last RPG-related title to appear was Fable Legends, which also received a new trailer that can be seen below. The game will be a free-to-play release for Xbox One and Windows 10, with cross-platform multiplayer and any rewards attained will be useable with both versions.

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