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Bethesda Gives Fallout Centre Stage - E3


Fallout 4

Developer and publisher Bethesda held its first ever E3 showcase last night, showing off a number of titles. The first RPG-related appearance came from the Elder Scrolls series, with a video hinting at some of the new content coming to the The Elder Scrolls Online following its console release last week. The company also revealed a strategy card game spin-off, The Elder Scrolls Legends, which is to be released for iPad and PC, with a trailer viewable below.

The ultimate part of the presentation, however, was devoted to Fallout 4. The game is set around the Boston, Massachusetts area with the game's opening taking place just before a nuclear strikes hits. Players create a husband and wife couple, with a number of customisation options, and the character players leave the menu as becomes the one controlled. The game also generates a baby based on the couple. Soon after the doomsday alarm goes and the player's family prepare to enter Vault 111 just as the bomb detonates. For currently unknown reasons, the player character emerges two hundred years later as the sole survivor from the Vault.

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Fallout 4 will have more dynamic conversations than its predecessor, with players able to end conversations by simply walking away or using an interrupting action, such as shooting the talker. As indicated in the trailer, the player also finds a dog that can become a companion. Players can give various contextual commands to their companion such as fetching an item or going to a particular location. The VATS system returns in a very similar manner to Fallout 3 and Fallout: New Vegas, while a new version of the Pip-Boy wrist device that doubles as the menu system also includes mini-games, one example based on the original Donkey Kong arcade title.

Speaking of the Pip-Boy, a special collector's edition of the game was revealed that includes a version of the Pip-Boy that players can wear on their own wrist. The Pip-Boy comes with a slot for a smartphone, with an app coming to Android and iOS that lets player use the smartphone as a second screen with the Pip-Boy UI. The Pip-Boy Edition of the game will cost $119.99/99.99/129.99 and also comes with a metal case. Supplies are said to be very limited. Those that do not buy the collector's edition will still be able to use their smartphones as a second screen with the companion app.

Fallout 4 will also give players to opportunity to help rebuild. Players can construct and furnish buildings in various sites on the map. As the settlement is built up more inhabitants and traders can be attracted to it. Players can even set up their own power grids and defence networks using generators. The power grids are important for defending the settlements from raider attacks through turrets, with the grid also supplying power to lighting and terminals. Players will also be able to run Brahmin caravans between their settlements. Crafting has also been given a revamp, with players now able to customise their own power armour as well as use many previously incidental items, such as toy cars and typewriters as crafting components.

A mobile spin-off title also got a reveal. Fallout Shelter is a strategy management game for iOS, and is available to download now. An Android version will also be released some time in the future. Fallout Shelters is free-to-play and does not require an internet connection. Players are put in the role of a Vault Overseer and must build rooms, manage its inhabitants, deal with problems such as radroaches, raider attacks, and fires. Vault dwellers can level up and can also pair up to produce the next generation. To wrap the presentation off, Fallout 4 was given a release date. It will be released for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One on November 10, 2015.

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