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Dragon Quest Collection to Come With Bonus Dragon Quest X Video


Dragon Quest 25th Anniversary Collection

Square Enix has announced a release date, price, and bonus items for the upcoming compilation game Dragon Quest 25th Anniversary Collection. The game, which will contain the first three Dragon Quest games in their original forms as well as the Super Famicom remakes of Dragon Quest I & II and Dragon Quest III, will come out in Japan on September 15 for 4,440.

As for the bonus goods, perhaps the biggest one is the video clip of Dragon Quest X, which can be viewed on the game disc. Dragon Quest X was announced for the Wii years ago, but little information has surfaced on the game since then, except for confirmations that it is still in development and heading for the Wii.

The other bonuses that will come with the Anniversary Collection will be a reprint of classic guides for the first three game, unchanged from their original versions, a replica of a Mini Medal, a collection of Dragon Quest art and development material on the game disc, and newly produced opening animations for the three games, shown when the disc is loaded. The replica medal will only be included in the first print run of the game.

Presumably, this bonus footage will be the first time images of any sort of Dragon Quest X will be revealed to the public. As of yet, there has been no word on this collection being released outside of Japan.

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