Dragon Warrior III  
Dragon Warrior III

It is your 16th birthday, as you meet with the king of Aliahan. As you are the son of the great hero, Ortega, you begin a quest to find the Archfiend Baramos, and restore peace to the land. Three companions join you on this journey, and together you travel around the world in search of Baramos. The tales of this journey are destined to become legend around the world, and beyond.

· Game Boy Color

· Enix

Nintendo / Enix Japan
Nintendo / Enix US

  Release Date  
02.10.1988 (NES) / 12.08.2000 (GBC) Japan
06.1991 (NES) / 07.17.2001 (GBC) US
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·Sony Dragoons London Philharmonic 10.08.2002  
·Dragon Warrior III Ships for GBC 07.17.2001  
·Dragon Warrior 3 Passes Savings On To the Working Man 07.10.2001  

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