Nintendo Showcases New Zelda Title, Sneaks in GC Price Drop

Nintendo has delayed the expected release date of its upcoming GameCube Zelda title. The Legend of Zelda was originally planned for a release in December of this year, but a company press release providing some scant information about the title has suggested the date will now be dropped back to February of 2003.

Meanwhile, the company has been showcasing the title at the E3 show, and the screens revealed there are further evidence of the game's radically different look. Even with this appearance, however, all signs are that a good deal of the core gameplay will remain faithful to the N64 entries in the series.

In a recent press release which touted the new Zelda title as Link's quest to rescue his sister, Nintendo also reported that it is dropping the MRSP for the GameCube console system to $149.95 from the original $199.95 suggested price level. The change will be effective as of May 21, 2002. Be sure to check out RPGamer's E3 coverage of Zelda GC and many other titles.

Updated: 05.22.02 by Andrew Long

by Brent Fisher    
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