The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker - Screen Shots
03.25.2003 More Screens
Ahh, A day at sea. Make sure to dress up, it's cold outside. Did you see the wind I got on that one?
Can someone get me down? I got.... a monsters head? Easy does it.
Go away sea gulls, shoo. Making music if fun. I've fought hard things then this.
You won't find me in here. I wonder what's going on. Trapped!
You stole my ruby. The Title Screen. OH MY GOD!!! People are watching me!
That was quite a leap. I don't like what I see! Every where I go, puzzle, puzzle, puzzle.
You think you can beat me? I wish my boat was that big. One final blow and... Victory!
How's this thing made? I hope I don't mess up.
12.13.2002 Rare Hi-Res Screens
Defining look of amazement Whew! Bad breath! Ahoy, matey!
Link's girlfriend? Pausing for drama The very image of fear
Leafin' Large Butterfly gone wrong, or secret entrance?
10.26.2002 More High-Res Screens
Sneaking around Pushing a crate Squirming along
"Aye!" Link is trying to be clever Surprised!
The wrong barrel to hide in... "Aaaaaaaaaaa-ah!" An angry smirk
Look at Link! He's so strong! Unleshing the fury Be careful there Link...
Wading through the grasses Now for a little yardwork! "Ack! An uninvited solicitor!"
*cough cough* The enemy's evil grin Link is 0wning!
"You want some more of this?!" Slowly catching on fire Englufed...
All better now! And if you couldn't get enough, more fire! Link the acrobat
The bridge doesn't connect, so Link decides to... ...magically end up on the other side! Another enemy. Another beatdown.
Fly Link Fly! Those Kakariko weightlifting classes paid off well Dodging an attack
The good (little) captain Link Uh oh... Ahhhh, pollen!
Pfst! Link KNOWS he's on the Gamecube! Daydreaming Bowing before the geezer
Link's slash attack He looks absolutely possessed! Tip-toeing backwards
Cover your ears... Yet another slash of the sword "Oooooo!"
Link is scoping the honeys His pimping skills earned him a telescope! Can't see much yet
Someone's front yard A mailbox Link is on one of those daydreaming binges agian
Something seems kinda fishy... Glancing to the right The clock is ticking matey!
A nice peaceful day on the seas Careful not to break your ship! Is that a nitro-powered boat?
Contuining the seafaring The sails are gone! Standoff
Wow, a big, shiny, large blade Should Link pick it up? Where are the laws of physics?!
09.30.2002 High Resolution Screens
Eye Emotion 1 Eye Emotion 2 Eye Emotion 3
Eye Emotion 4 GBA Transfer Interface Using a Tingle Bomb GBA Style
Using a Tingle Bomb GC Style Exploring the Woods Across a Bridge
Bridge Battle Attacked by Giant Birds! "I'm having bacon for breakfast!"
Working for his keep Link takes a look around Boat racing mini-game
Crawling across the field
08.07.2002 New Offical Screens  
Link stands ready Even Link is frustrated with the youth Could that be Zelda? Or just another female character?
Running across a wooden drawbridge "Ya!" Link's gonna slice n' dice 'em
Need a little coffee there, buddy? This Gleeock is hungry A volcanic millipede
Sailing the ocean blue Link could use a night light right about now Another drawbridge to cross
There are some mad skillz Polly want a cracker? Polly want a sword shoved down throat?
A Zelda classic "Where did I put those spare Rupees?" Walk softly and carry a big stick
Beautiful scenery    
05.22.02 E3 Screens  
Standing in the night Menaced by a beast Sailing on the ocean blue
Holding a torch Killing in a flash of light Pot-carrying
Talking in the grass Flames Frightened
Everyone's favorite: Block pushing!    
08.23.2001 Spaceworld Movie Captures  
A Moblin Link ready for battle Gold dust
A dark battle Exploration A spooky guy
More Moblins Bedazzled Following a path
I spy Moblin guy Did he see me? Moblin gang
Oooh Link looking down A job well done
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