Dragon Warrior III Release Date Announced
Dragon Warrior III

A few months back, it was officially announced that Enix's highly anticipated GameBoy Color edition of Dragon Warrior III would be made available in North America. Today, Enix followed that information up with an exact release date for the RPG title. Dragon Warrior fans can expect to see the portable adventure in stores on July 17th.

Based on Enix's 1988 Nintendo RPG, Dragon Warrior III precedes the plot of the first two games, and tells the tale of a sixteen-year old boy adventuring across the land. The GameBoy Color version of the game has some added features over the original, as well as improved graphics and animation. Localized by the same team responsible for last year's Dragon Warrior I & II, the title has gathered much anticipation in North America, and should delight both fans of the series and new RPG players alike. RPGamer will keep you updated on any further developments as the July 17th release date gets closer.

by Matthew Wanlin
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