Retro Trademarks "Runeblade"

With next month's E3 show drawing nearer, many companies are preparing to unveil brand-new game titles to the public. Hence, certain actions are now taking place that can act as clues to what can be expected at the show. For instance, it has come to our attention that Retro Studios recently trademarked the name "Runeblade." While the trademark, which was registered on March 27th, certainly does not act as any official confirmation just yet, it is possible that this is the title of Retro's GameCube RPG.

The RPG title, which was first reported earlier this year, promises to bring a traditional sword and sorcery RPG world to Nintendo's GameCube console. Although little else is known about the game, many more game details, including the title, will undoubtedly be revealed at E3 next month.

by Matthew Wanlin
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